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Emma's War

Tall, striking, and adventurous to a fault, young British relief worker Emma McCune came to Sudan determined to make a difference in a country decimated by the longest-running civil war in Africa. She became a near legend in the bullet-scarred, famine-ridden country, but her eventual marriage to a rebel warlord made international headlines—and spelled disastrous consequenc

Aug 19, 2009

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I am always acutely aware of all that I don’t know and rarely feel informed enough to comment on anything. However, Scroggins does such an excellent job of painting the history and politics of Sudan that I actually feel like I know something about the Country. She uses Emma McCune’s life as a sort of sausage casing , in which she stuffs the famine, tribal warfare, religious ferocity,intervention and interruptions of the west, politics of funding wars, chase for black gold, race and racism, slave


Catherine Morrow

Feb 18, 2017

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review of another edition

Don’t read this. Way too dense with detail, very weak plot and a really hard read.