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Ghost No More

How do you keep fighting for hope, when everything around you is tearing hope down? Five year old CeeCee has already endured homelessness, dirty secrets and abuse. But somewhere amid the chaos and despair, CeeCee holds onto something precious, the only thing that drives her on – hope. She will do anything to make her mother happy, hoping against all things for a touch of h
Caryl Williams

Nov 08, 2014

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it was amazing

Beautifully written and hauntingly sad. Once I started reading the book I read it in two sittings, well into the night on one occasion, unable to put it down. On the whole I tend to avoid books about child abuse because they are painful to read, as was this one, and because of my own childhood with a neglectful, abusive mother. If no-one was brave enough to write about their own experiences of childhood abuse however, then those of us who experienced such treatment may well believe that they are



Mar 15, 2014

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it was amazing

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

What can I say? Heart-breaking, brave, emotional, raw, jaw-dropping. I wish I could have jumped into the pages and hugged this little girl. To see such strength in a child is incredible. And yet, I wonder why. Why did people not see? Why did people not stop it when there were so many signs? Despite the failure of others a beautiful child survived. CeeCee, it was a honour to read your memoir!! <3