Hole in the Heart: Bringing Up Beth by Henny Beaumont Download (read online) free eBook .pdf.epub.kindle

Hole in the Heart: Bringing Up Beth

On Mother’s Day 2001, Henny Beaumont gave birth to her third daughter, Beth. For the first four hours of Beth’s life, she seemed no different from Henny’s two other little girls. But when the doctor told Henny and her husband that their daughter might have Down syndrome, Henny thought that her life was over. How would she be able to look after this baby, who required corre
Kylie Sparks

Dec 03, 2016

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it was amazing


I didn’t intend to read this book–but I picked it up at work and couldn’t put it down. The same thing happened to the coworker who catalogued this book. The graphic novel format is the most effective way to tell this story–it makes it emotionally moving in a way that a text only story never could be. The drawings are so fantastic, the words are almost not needed. It is so easy to empathize with this family and this child. It made me cry, but it’s not a sad story. Do yourself a favor and pick u


Sarah S. Smee

Sep 20, 2017

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it was amazing

Heartfelt look at the complicated emotions of raising a child with Down syndrome. A very quick read with a lot packed in.