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Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World

How can you know when someone is bluffing? Paying attention? Genuinely interested? The answer, writes Alex Pentland in ” Honest Signals,” is that subtle patterns in how we interact with other people reveal our attitudes toward them. These unconscious social signals are not just a back channel or a complement to our conscious language; they form a separate communication net

Apr 06, 2010

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it was amazing

A truly original and brilliant contribution to the science and understanding of non-verbal communication. Pentland has figured out how to track (using tricked-out cell phones) four variables of unconscious human behavior, and he can use the results to predict all kinds of human interactions, like salary negotiations, speed dating, and venture capital pitches. The four variables are influence (who’s dominating the conversation), mimicry (who’s mirroring whom), activity (how excited someone is) an


Madison Gamba

Sep 16, 2017

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Very eye-opening for those who are interested in communication, business, marketing, psychology, or just body language and conversation in general. Pentland’s notion of network intelligence was one of my favorite parts about this book. I give it four stars because although I finished it in four days, I felt that I forced myself a little bit because it comes to be slightly dry due to the fact that the language is mundane after a while. I would’ve appreciated more elaborate examples of the points