How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food by Nigella Lawson Download (read online) free eBook

How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food

“[Nigella] brings you into her life and tells you how she thinks about food, how meals come together in her head . . . and how she cooks for family and friends. . . . A breakthrough . . . with hundreds of appealing and accessible recipes.”
–Amanda Hesser, The New York Times”Nigella Lawson serves up irony and sensuality with her comforting recipes . . . the Queen of Come-On


May 07, 2007

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I still haven’t made the majority of the recipes in this book — that will take years — but almost every one I’ve made has turned out fantastically (and the ones that haven’t have been through my own errors, not the recipe’s). What’s more, the book is a fabulous read; I can read it even when I’m not in the mood for cooking. Not for nothing did it win a Book of the Year award in Britain. Lawson’s prose is fabulous.


Jan 27, 2017

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review of another edition

I don’t think it quite stood the test of time. The writing is interesting, as always (yes, I read Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks for her style, so sue me), but the recipes / ingredients aged, and the way the book was published – with no pictures of the food – makes the recipes very easy to forget. The low fat chapter was among the most insincere pieces of writing committed to print. Oddly enough, though, the final chapter on feeding children was charming and informative.