Mail Order Outlaw (Brides of Tombstone, #1) by Cynthia Woolf Download (read online) free eBook

Mail Order Outlaw (Brides of Tombstone, #1)

Ed Talbot isn’t husband material. He’s an outlaw, was forced into his father’s gang at the age of thirteen, and is wanted Dead or Alive in more than one territory. But now his father is dead, he hates the life, the blood, and his brother’s rages. When a stagecoach robbery goes awry, Ed ends up with a satchel full of charming letters from an enticing young miss. Unfortunate

For a woman who shares her surname with perhaps one of the most prolific writers in the world has ever seen, who also happened to be a feminist, I’m sure this Ms. Woolf is making Virginia Woolf roll in her grave. With underdeveloped, shitty characters, terrible, almost juvenile writing, and a story-line thinner than my hostel room walls, this book definitely makes my ‘burn this shit’ list. The script is painfully repetitive; like she loves her brother, she’s horny as fuck, his brother is an assh



Another fast and light read for me. I enjoyed this one; but it was just a very low angst story. It is what I am looking for right now in my reads, so I was satisfied. I have always been a sucker for the “mail order bride” theme, and this one was set in the Western genre….A great read when you are looking for something light!