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Mozart's Sister

Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, affectionately called Nannerl by her family, could play the piano with an otherworldly skill from the time she was a child, when her tiny hands seemed too small to encompass a fifth. At the tender age of five, she gave her first public performance, amazing the assembled gentlemen and ladies with the beautiful music she created. But her m
Marika Alexander

For one thing, I didn’t know that Mozart even had a sister, let alone that she was also a musical prodigy who used to tour Europe and perform duets with her genius younger brother. I loved this book for teaching me a little history, as well as providing a lush backdrop of the 18th century in Austria, Italy, Versailles, etc. This is a debut novel by Ms. Charbonnier and it took me a little while to settle into the style- the first half of the novel left me somewhat unsatisfied in terms of writing



Jun 11, 2008

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This was a fun book. I had no idea that Mozart had a sister. It was fun to read the fiction version, then do my own research to see how much was true and how much was speculation. I may be a geek…