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Passionate Vegetarian

Introducing a new voice in vegetarian cooking. Packed with 1,000 recipes that are seductive, sexy, and utterly delicious, Passionate Vegetarian covers all the bases of meatless cooking, from east (Stir Fry of Asparagus with Black Bean-Ginger Sauce), west (Talk of the Town Barbecued Tofu), from the Mediterranean (Swiss Chard with Raisins, Onions & Olives) to the America

Oct 25, 2007

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it was amazing

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those looking for healthy, easy recipes

This is by far the most useful vegetarian cookbook I have owned! The recipes are all VERY good- never had one that failed me. They are simple and varied ethnically, and the author gives ways for most of the recipes to become vegan if you so choose. She also gives simple instructions on how to cook all sorts of vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes by themselves- all very helpful information! I adore this book.

Alien  Citizen

Jul 22, 2007

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it was amazing

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Anyone who likes to eat.

This cookbook is my all time favorite of all the many vegetarian cookbooks I have used throughout 14 years of cooking. It is very large but is both cohesive and easily accessible. Her writing too is very clear with an informal style to the stories preceding most recipes that is comfortable and compelling to read (like a conversation among friends). The recipes are delicious and really demonstrate the range of possibilities in homestyle vegetarian cooking. There are recipes made with tofu, seitan