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Portrait of Our Marriage

Fun • Sexy • Intense • Hot • Compelling • Thought Provoking, and So Real you may find it Shocking, even Disturbing.
Inspired by an episode on Oprah from years ago that dealt with men addicted to porn, a dream, and information from 8 women’s lives, Portrait of Our Marriage, is a story you don’t want to miss. Nicky, embarks on a journey to find herself and become her own per


Feb 20, 2013

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Looking at memories in a digital photo frame might revive a marriage, and looking at porn on the internet might destroy it. Both come together in Martha Emms’ fictional tale Portrait of our Marriage, which marries graphically sensual romance with the harsh realities and imperfections of life. Just how imperfect can a marriage become before it’s time to call it quits? And where is the line between being selfish and being true to oneself?
Outwardly Nicky has it all. After a somewhat repressed child



Aug 06, 2014

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Christoph Fischer

Another one of those mystifying books with 294 ratings and a 4.04 average rating. Horrible writing. Unbelievably boring story. The author is writing about how a husband’s porn addiction damages a marriage, yet a big chunk of the preview is the wife’s own porny description of a sex act. (All the porny sex in these self-published books reads exactly the same. I think they’re all just plagiarizing and replagiarizing each other.)

“…his thumbs tweaked and toyed until my nipples were hardened peaks..

“…his thumbs tweaked and toyed until my nipples were hardened peaks…”

“He began to suckle again, pleasuring each nipple with a strong pull that sent throbbing sensations to my center dome…”


“gyrations filling every cavity inside me with his rock hard shaft” – his one shaft filled every cavity? Was it multi-pronged?

“I came up choking on the mixture of manly juices and water that had entered my mouth. A turbulence of the mixed blend spewed forth explosively landing all over Brett’s face.”

Whatever your day job is, author lady, don’t quit it.