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The Annotated Archy and Mehitabel

Generations of readers have delighted in the work of the great American humorist Don Marquis, who was frequently compared to Mark Twain. These free-verse poems, which first appeared in Marquis’s New York newspaper columns, revolve around the escapades of Archy, the philosophical cockroach who was once a poet, and Mehitabel, a streetwise alley cat who was once Cleopatra. Re
Alexis Hall

Dear me, vers libre poet reincarnated into the body of a cockroach headbutting his poems out on Don Marquis’s keyboard.

What’s not to love?

Whimsical, poignant, wise, charming as hell.

Though I’m a Mehitabel boy myself.

Toujours gai, toujours gai.


Oct 19, 2016

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newspapers are dying because they don’t let columnists roleplay as bugs