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The Empty Ocean

In The Empty Ocean, acclaimed author and artist Richard Ellis tells the story of our continued plunder of life in the sea and weighs the chances for its recovery. Through fascinating portraits of a wide array of creatures, he introduces us to the many forms of sea life that humans have fished, hunted, and collected over the centuries, from charismatic whales and dolphins t
Kim Zinkowski

Dec 03, 2017

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really liked it

A species by species compendium of the destruction that man has caused…and continues to do so.


May 07, 2010

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it was amazing


A wonderfully well-written, yet horrifying book about man’s catastrophic influence on the ocean and its wildlife. I’ve read various articles on this topic, but seeing various species covered in a series of chapters is very sobering. This book has been on my to-read list for several years, and I can’t imagine things have gotten better in the interim. The author talks about widespread overfishing, dredge nets, coral bleaching, and invasive species; but there is no mention of deoxygenated zones or