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The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists


Whenever you’re in Dominion, on Milverton Street you will stumble across an arresting array of handsome old buildings. The one with the pink stone façade and the familiar Canadian cartoon characters over the doorway is the Dominion branch of the Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists, erected in 1935 and the la


Jan 03, 2013

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it was ok

Interesting, although it might have been more so if I’d recognized a single one of the cartoons Seth was writing about. And I can’t hep but feel that the way Seth described other cartoonists’ work was imminently lacking — he goes on for pages about how so-and-so could draw weather so well you’d feel the heat of the sun or the chill of the frost… or how so-and-so could draw faces better than any other cartoonist (etc.)… but then the picture accompanying the narrative is just one of Seth’s si



Jul 30, 2012

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really liked it


What an odd book. It’s sort of an alternate history, positing that there’s a Canadian cartoonist’s society (hence the title) that’s existed for decades and has clubs and archives. There is no such organization or archive, and most of the cartoonists Seth describes as belonging to it are also fictitious, but a handful are in fact real (though he omits a great number of real ones readers might have heard of, such as Lynn Johnson), so this book very strangely blurs fact and fancy. There’s no story