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The Ground Beneath Her Feet

The ground shifts repeatedly beneath the reader’s feet during the course of Salman Rushdie’s sixth novel, a riff on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth set in the high-octane world of rock & roll. Readers get their first clues early on that the universe Rushdie is creating here is not quite the one we know: Jesse Aron Parker, for example, wrote Heartbreak Hotel; Carly Simon

Aug 06, 2007

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it was amazing


Knew it was my favorite book ever as soon as I read it. Read all the others I’d said that about again just to be sure. It was. Rushdie’s polyglot wordplay and his gift for pun (Why is it that multi-lingual writers like Rushdie and Nabokov are the most exceptional punsters?) are irrepressible. It’s a transcontinental, slightly-fantastical elseworld story in which making music seems the most important thing a person can do. Add to it all the burbling, effusive joy with which Rushdie handles langua


Luís C.

A strange and abounding novel, which plunges us into the destiny of an imaginary rock band, whose two leaders, united and torn by a love story, gradually change the face of the world.
The story is mainly due to the fantastic pinch which the author has sprinkled, the group’s inspirer being in contact with a mysterious parallel dimension that gradually invades the narrative.
In the end, a book that is worth the detour, especially for what you learn about India, but not always easy, especially in the